How to use XQ Slack

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XQ Slack is the XQ Message app for Slack and can be found in the Slack App Directory.


  Delete is our default. This means XQ messages will be automatically unreadable once they’ve expired.  By default, the expiry for all conversations is set to 3 days. The 3 day option has to be changed manually. Use the /xq:settingscommand*  to open the modal to select another time period..

 XQ never stores your messages on our servers.


1) Use the /xq:enable [] command

 Try it now  by typing /xq:enable followed by your email address in any channel.

 2) Enter the Authentication Code 

 that was emailed to you. Check your email and grab the Authentication Code XQ sent you. Enter it in the Validation pop-up modal (shown below).

Authentication Modal

3) Sha-Blam 

 Everything you type will be encrypted auto-magically and kept private . Only other users who have already enabled xq in this channel can read those encrypted messages. People that Enable later wont be able to see messages sent earlier.

Plain Text Encrypted

 To start encrypting your chats 

add me to a channeland I'll introduce myself. I'm usually added to a team or project channel. Type /xq:enable from the channel or pick a channel on the right.

 Add XQ to each channel you want to keep private. XQ must be enabled in each channel.

Get help at any time with /xq:help or type help in a DM with me

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