iOS: Embedded iMessage/SMS Functionality

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Downloading the XQ app will embed XQ directly into the Messages app, allowing you to send encrypted iMessages and SMS messages.

Sending Encrypted XQ Messages from iMessage

Step 1: Open the messages app and begin a new message.

Step 2: Click the XQ icon above the keyboard to begin your message. You’ll need to scroll to the right to find it the first time.

Step 3: Type your message and choose whether you wish to send an iMessage or SMS. Click the blue arrow to send the message.

Type 4: Sent messages will appear as a bubble with the XQ logo.


Opening Encrypted XQ Messages in iMessage

Encrypted XQ messages can be opened within the Messages app if the recipient has the XQ app. The recipient will receive a link to decrypt the message via the XQ website if they do not have the app.

Step 1: Messages will appear as a bubble. 

Step 2: Tap the message to open.

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