How to Contact Support

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The XQ Support team is dedicated to providing assistance, answering questions, and helping you troubleshoot issues. 

Knowledge Base

XQ has a Knowledge Base with a wide range of documentation to assist you with using and understanding the platform. To access the Knowledge Base, visit

Refer to the following tips for using the Knowledge Base:

  • Use the search bar to search the Knowledge Base using key terms:
  • Use the Categories menu to search by category: 


  • Use the Popular Tags tool to search articles tagged with relevant keywords:

Contact Support

If you are unable to find resources in our Knowledge Base, the XQ Support team also offers email support. To contact the Support team, fill out our Contact Us form or email us at

Tips for contacting Support

To ensure our Support team can answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible, please consider the following best practices.

Make sure to include…

  • The browser and/or device you are using if you have encountered an error or bug
  • Any error messages that are visible
  • Screenshots or videos of the behavior you are seeing, in addition to the expected behavior
  • Links to pages where you are seeing the issue

Inform us about...

  • The expected behavior, the behavior you are reporting, and any replication steps so the Support team can replicate the issue
  • Any troubleshooting steps you have taken yourself prior to submitting your ticket

Be sure to…

  • Add the Support team email to your address book to ensure you see follow-up responses from our team.
  • Use an email address that does not receive a lot of marketing or general content. This prevents our team’s responses from getting lost amongst other emails.
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