Enterprise Quantum Encrypted Business-to-Consumer Communications

Direct communications, marketing and transaction data via email have become commonplace for enterprises big and small. Unfortunately, due to identity breaches government regulators are enforcing new privacy standards such as California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ensuring that emails are being sent in this complaint and verified manner has been a complex problem for today’s enterprises. 

XQ Message is empowering financial, insurance, telecommunication, legal and medical institutions,  and government agencies to secure their external communications, marketing, and data to customers. Enterprises are able to continue to utilize email for these types of communications by enforcing different policies for different functions. Marketing messages can have a simple expiry while transaction data must require customer identity authentication. For more sensitive information, XQ can also support geo-tagged read receipts and additional message passwords that only the sender and receiver know. From a risk mitigation perspective, every consumer message has a different encryption key ensuring that if a breach does happen, its limited to a few individuals and not the entire customer list. The range of applications span direct marketing and password reset to tax documentation and transaction validation. 

It is also first to market with a new type of quantum encryption architecture that ensures every message has a different key. XQ’s protocol is able to encrypt communications even within preexisting secure data and communication infrastructures, eliminating costly systems upgrades and changes. XQ enables enterprises to distribute secure messages across all existing email and mobile services.

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