Second Layer Encryption for in App communications

edited January 2023 in Why Use XQ

With XQ Message’s SDK, enterprises are able to add a second layer of security to communication, email, text messages and data. Incorporating the XQ SDKs ensures compliance and security between an App on the client’s smart devices and their secure networks. XQ’s SDK works with existing internet security protocols such as HTTPS helping keep vulnerable app data safe while traveling across the public internet.



  • Can user's add their own password to XQ messages?

  • For email adding a message password is an option during encryption. This allows users to add their own password in addition to the encryption that is already present. Only the sender knows the password and they have to tell the receiver of the message.

    Upon going to the decryption page the message will appear unclear.

    Click the lock to enter the password.

    The message will then appear in it's intended form.

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