Enterprise Quantum Encrypted Workgroup Collaboration

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the knowledge economy. Unfortunately, so is industrial espionage. Password-based email and file sharing services, such as Box and DropBox,  are easy targets via phishing attacks. In addition to theft, innocent forwarding of emails and files creates an open faucet for institutional information that is difficult to stop. 

XQ Message is enabling everyone from technology leaders to start ups to engage in knowledge sharing in a secure manner. XQ can ensure that not only are email and files encrypted, but that only authenticated recipients can decrypt messages. Additionally, enterprises can create role or project based encryption that enables seamless sharing yet ensures that forwarded or stolen messages are undecipherable. 

What Makes Us Different

XQ is first to market with a new type of quantum number (qRNG) based edge encryption secure communication and data. XQ is able to encrypt data in existing services, eliminating costly systems upgrades and changes. More importantly, XQ enables enterprises to decide who can read corporate data even if it is outside their network.

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