What is Instant Mode?

One of the nice features XQ has to make life easier for everyone is Instant Mode. So what is instant mode.

Short Answer

  • Instant mode is when you encrypt an XQ message without a recipient. So anyone that has the message can open it if they have XQ and the messages hasn't expired yet.
  • If you have already added recipients when you encrypt they will be the only people who can read the message.

To understand what instant mode is. Let me lay out the levels of security on an XQ message.

1) Quantum Safe Encryption

  • Every XQ message is encrypted using quantum entropy for super safety. (Quantum Entropy in this case means an extraordinarily random number.)

2) Expiration

  • XQ messages have an expiration date after which they can't be read. You can set when they expire when you send the message.

3) Recipients Added

  • When you add recipients and then send the message those messages can only be read by the recipients.
  • A forwarded XQ Message can't be opened by the new recipient
  • This happens automatically in XQ Slack. Only members of the channel that have enable XQ can read the messages.

4) Additional Password

  • Feeling extra jumpy about who might get your message? Add a private password that only you know.
  • You'll have to send this password to the recipient for them to open it. We recommend by way of pigeon. :)

You are on your way to a safe internet.

Please let us know if you have other questions!



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