Installing the XQ G Suite Add-in

edited July 21 in How to use

The XQ G Suite add-in can be downloaded from the G Suite Marketplace. Doing so will allow XQ to seamlessly integrate into your Google accounts and allows for sending encrypted messages directly through Gmail. 

Step 1: Click here to navigate to the marketplace. Once the window opens, click the install button.

Step 2: Click continue to proceed. 

Step 3: You’ll navigate to this screen. Click allow to give XQ permissions to work in Gmail.

Step 4: Click next to continue. 

Step 5: You’ll need to confirm your XQ account to begin sending encrypted messages. Follow the link to finish set-up.

Step 6: The XQ will now be integrated into Gmail. Click the slider at top left hand corner to turn encryption on and off. The message box will turn blue when messages are encrypted.

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