Gmail: Sending & Opening Encrypted Messages

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Sending XQ messages through Gmail is as easy as sending a normal email. Just make sure you have the G Suite add-on installed before you begin.

Sending Encrypted Messages

Step 1: Press “compose” as you normally would to begin.

Step 2: Slide the XQ icon in the top left corner of the message to turn on encryption. The top bar will change from gray to blue. 

Step 3: You’re all set! Enter your message as you normally would and click “secure send.” 

Opening Encrypted Messages in Gmail

The message will be automatically encrypted if the recipient has the XQ G Suite add-in. Recipients without the add-in will have to click “unlock message” and will be navigated to the XQ website. 

Note: The sender may have set a message password. You will be prompted to input the password when you open the encrypted email (click the lock under the reply button). The sender must share the password with you to enable the message to be opened.

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