Outlook: Sending & Opening Encrypted Messages

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Sending and receiving XQ messages through Outlook is as easy as sending a normal email. Just make sure you have the Outlook add-in downloaded before you begin.

Sending Encrypted Messages

Step 1: Start a new Outlook email. 

Step 2: Type your message into the body of the message and enter the recipient in the address bar.

Step 3: To send, click the three dots to the right of send in the grey shaded bar. Click “XQ Secure Outlook” and then “secure send.” 

Step 4: The message will appear as below when it’s received. If they have XQ for Gmail, the message will automatically be decrypted. If not, they’ll have to click “unlock.”

Opening Encrypted Message in Outlook 

Step 1: Messages in Outlook will appear as such

Step 2: Click the XQ icon next to the reply button and then click “read with XQ.”

Step 3: A bar with the decrypted message will open next to the email. 

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