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 Monitor lets you see real time threat detection on XQ messages sent by your team. 

  1. Analytics
    1. Messages
      1. Messages indicates the number of encrypted messages sent or received by your team.
    2. Verified
      1. Verified indicates the total number of encrypted messages sent between verified team members.
    3. Warnings
      1. Warnings indicate the number of encrypted messages which have suspicious behavior associated with them.
    4. Alerts
      1. Alerts are the number of encrypted messages which highly indicate they may have been compromised.
  2. Filters
  3. Activities
    1. Chart Legend
      1. Verified
  1. Green dots indicate verified messages between confirmed team members.
  1. External
    1. Empty blue circle dots indicate messages between confirmed team members and external parties.
  2. Success
    1. Indicates a successful encryption activity.
  3. Warnings
    1. Indicates a suspect activity such as too many decrypt attempts.
  4. Alerts
    1. Indicates a reliable threat.
  1. Items
    1. Click into any activity report to learn more and manage.
  2. Activities Nav
    1. Export and format

Monitoring an Item

From monitor each item can be accessed for detailed inspection.

  1. Section Menu
    1. Resolve
      1. Only available if item has been assigned to you
    2. Revoke
      1. Remove end client’s ability to decrypt this message associated with this item key
    3. Export Key
      1. Download the key for this activity in CSV format.
  2. Item
    1. Item specifics
  3. Team members
    1. All team members provisioned for this message
  4. Assign
    1. Assign this event to a team member. They will receive a notification.
  5. Access Key Activity
    1. History of all activities for the same encryption key as this item
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