Dashboard: Working With Exported Keys

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Exporting Keys

Own your data by exporting and owning your keys.

  1. Date Selection
    1. Date range for output
  2. Output Selection
    1. Filter Role
    2. Output format
  3. User filter
    1. Input user contact or ID to filter output

Unlocking With Exported Keys

Decrypt messages and files with exported keys. Messages and files may be expired. Search filters search decrypted messages for  matching messages.

  1. Form
    1. Add individual files or zips
    2. Add CSV of Keys from export
  2. Search
    1. AND / OR modifier for comma delimited search
    2. Input comma delimited list of search terms


List successful and failed messages available for download

  1. Form
    1. Clicking on each message will take the user to message preview.
    2. Download will download a zip of all selected files.

Previewing Decrypted Messages

Preview of decrypted message before downloading

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