Ease in Encryption and EaaS

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Kiss login portals goodbye...

Individuals and organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the insecurity of email and other messaging channels. People in the know are wary of sending any form of financial information in routine transactions like sending an invoice to a vendor or a credit card number to their mechanic. This justifiable paranoia has led to a proliferation of secure messaging and encryption platforms, all purporting to allow you to seamlessly send and receive secure messages. 

Unfortunately, many of these services are cumbersome and generally difficult to use. While we applaud our competitors for cybersecurity awareness, we at XQ believe that user experience is an imperative when it comes to cybersecurity products. XQ was built by a team of cybersecurity thought-leaders and game designers to produce the most advanced and user-friendly encryption product on the market. 

What follows is a comparison of XQ with Zix, a leading encryption product used by millions of individuals and enterprises. We’ll outline how XQ exceeds Zix in key areas like user experience, functionality, and B2B/B2C deployment.


User Experience 

With Zix, users are required to login to a secure message center within their organization. Messages are encrypted within before being sent to the recipient, who receives the message from the address “SecureEmailReply@zixmessagecenter.com.” The recipient will need to create a Zix account with a username and password before they can read the message.

With XQ, encryption is embedded directly in your Gmail or Outlook account and only requires you to click “Secure Send” or the XQ logo to encrypt the message. The encrypted message will be sent directly from your email address, meaning the sender will appear as you and not XQ, minimizing confusion on the recipient’s end. The recipient, in turn, does not need an XQ account to decrypt the message. They can decrypt through the XQ website to read the message. If they have the XQ plugin, the message will automatically decrypt in their email client.


Cross-Platform Messaging

Zix only supports Microsoft Outlook.

XQ works cross-platform with Gmail, Outlook, iOS, and Android. Messages can be encrypted and sent from and between any of these platforms, offering truly seamless integration into your workflow and client’s daily lives.


Customer Access and Pricing

Zix is not readily available for use by all customers. 

XQ lets you add your customers to your secure bubble and lets them use the service for free.


File Sharing

Zix sends files through their server. 

XQ uses edge-encryption to encrypt directly on your device and send through whatever service you’re using. That means we (and the service you’re using) can never see your data.


API Based Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

This is mostly a humble brag where we pat ourselves on the shoulder because is the first and only cybersecurity firm to offer a quantum-safe encryption as a service (EaaS) model. Our quantum-resilient, packet-based encryption service allows you to encrypt and decrypt on any platform, in any environment in a cross-compatible way. 

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