How to Install Secure Forms for a WordPress Site

This article describes how to embed a Secure Form application into a WordPress website. This requires embedding an HTML snippet into your website’s header. The HTML snippet is initially created through the XQ Dashboard. If you do not have this snippet yet, see How to Create a Secure Form Application for your Website for instructions.

Embed your code into WordPress

Note: The ability to embed scripts into your WordPress website’s Header is only available for websites on a Business or eCommerce pricing plan. 

Step 1: Create a Secure Forms application and copy the script to your clipboard using the COPY SCRIPT button or send it to your email address with the SEND WITH EMAIL button.

Warning: You will only be able to see this script once. Ensure it is safely in your clipboard or stored elsewhere.

Step 2: Follow the steps in WordPress's guide for embedding custom code to install the Secure Forms snippet into your website. 

You have successfully installed Secure Forms on your WordPress website. All forms on your website will be encrypted. For next steps, see How to View and Respond to Secure Form Submissions 

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